Why the laptop lifestyle is dead and what to do instead

Really realistic photo of girl working on her laptop

Really realistic photo of girl working on her laptop

I don’t know about you, but I see a tonne of people on my feeds showing off their “laptop lifestyle” – working from anywhere in the world, and of course only ever working from a beach, right?

And, how many online entrepreneurs or coaches have you seen sitting with their laptop at the coffee shop in their photoshoot? I must have seen over 100…

I do have to admit, I’ve been guilty of showing off the same Insta update: “here’s my office on the rooftop in sunny Nice”…

The desire to work from anywhere in the world is understandable; it’s sexy and every freedom-seeking human’s dream.

Actual legit photo of me on the beach …without a laptop

Actual legit photo of me on the beach …without a laptop

But the reality is, since leaving my job as a strategy consultant at McKinsey earlier this year, I went from working 12+ hours a day on my laptop at client site, to working 12+ on my own business. When your business is your baby, it’s difficult to click Shut Down.

So just because you can work from anywhere in the world, it doesn’t mean you’re working any less.

I wouldn’t change my new freedom-based life for the world. I’m heading to Barcelona next week, Egypt next month and Indonesia after that …then Costa Rica.

But here’s what I’ve learnt.

To really succeed in creating the dream laptop lifestyle, you’ve got to have a bigger reason for pursuing that path than just “for the freedom”.


What’s going to keep you going when the wifi is patchy?

When you feel a little lonely?

When you get a chicken neck from leaning over your screen?

Your neck after too many hours over the laptop

Your neck after too many hours over the laptop

You need more than just a laptop and a dream.

To make this business and lifestyle work, you need a clear purpose defined from your customer’s point of view. You need a reason for pursuing this path beyond the desire for freedom.

That is what will give you the endless drive you need and prevent the honeymoon period crashing down when escaping the office cubicle becomes your new normal.

Having a purpose that results in a positive impact - beyond helping yourself - is key to long-term success.

It’s key to differentiating from competition and key to making the money you want - because a purpose-driven business will always be compensated well and is even shown to be more profitable.

Being purpose-led makes you magnetic to your clients. Who doesn’t love a passionate business owner with a big-impact mission and a story to tell?

So if you find yourself looking longingly at the #laptoplifestyle Insta updates, wishing you could have the same. I encourage you to think about how your success as a #freedompreneur could be dependent on you making a genuine impact on the world.

Because that is where you’ll succeed - both as a business owner and a human being.

If you want to nail down your own purpose or ‘life mission’ - one you can turn into a business - I’ve made a bonus training for you. It includes:

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In case you’re wondering - my mission is to unleash entrepreneurial potential within the current generation of Millennials (us 20 & 30 somethings).

My clients are tired of not being paid enough, of doing meaningless work for someone else and know deep down, they’re on this planet to make an impact.

My clients go from stuck, purpose-less and frustrated to confident mission-driven business owners leaving a mark on the world – and being paid well for it.

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Love and success,

Rose Kirby,

Coach & Business Strategist

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