The definitive guide to finding your Genius Zone

If you have zero clue what your zone of genius is then you’re in luck. I’m about to walk you through a process to discovering yours.

But first, why bother? 

Knowing your zone of genius gives you the opportunity to:

  • Make money doing what you love

  • Become exceptional at what you're doing - and customers will always want to work with and buy from the best

  • Become unique in your market - your genius zone is unique to you, so if you base your brand on your genius zone, you will always have a unique positioning

Now we've got that sorted, let's define what the heck I'm talking about.

I mention in another post that your zone of genius is the intersection between:

Your innate talents + your purpose

So in classic strategy consultant style, let’s split this equation up and break it down to get you some clarity on your own zone of genius.

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1. Identify your innate talent

Innate talent, for this purpose at least, is not about what you do, but how you do it. 

You have a primary, repetitive way that you solve problems, but it’s innate and unconscious so it’s hard for you to see it.

The key is to identify that process and, if possible, identify the key steps that are part of that process.

Here are some questions to help identify yours:

  • Imagine you’re trying to overcome a new challenge. How do you go about it? What are the first things you do? What methods work best for you?

  • What do you often find yourself helping your friends and family with?

  • When you join a team, what have you just brought to the party that wasn’t there before?

Here are some answers to get you thinking:

Researching, teaching, creating by doing, experimenting, designing, imagining, visionary, planning, strategic thinking, organising, networking, critical thinking, decision-making, keeping calm, seeing the bigger picture, noticing detail, listening, analysing the past, making connections, laser-focus, getting buy-in from others, encouraging others, patience, leading others

what is my zone of genius how to find zone of genius purpose find innate talent rose kirby

2. Identify your purpose

Your purpose is why you do what you do, and it’s also what gives you endless fulfilment.

Your greatest purpose is linked to a core challenge you have conquered in your life. When you are helping others conquer that same challenge, you experience an unending feeling of joy for what you are doing. For that reason, your purpose is closely related to the impact of your work.

Here are some questions to help identify yours:

  • Write the three major transitions or struggles that have led you to this moment. What was most difficult about each? What did you learn from each?

  • What work would you do even if you weren’t paid to do it? This is often something you just love to do. Why do you love to do it?

  • Our purpose is often the thing that’s been calling out to us for some time, even years, but we just ignore it because it seems like a big risk. What's been calling out to you?


I've just given you a heck of a lot to think about.

So if you're feeling overwhelmed, or if you're doubting whether you have a zone of genius in the first place, head here where I give you a completely different view on finding your zone of genius.

One that nobody else is talking about.

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