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    Rose Kirby - Global Wealth Coach to (extra)ordinary women, I help clients around the world create more wealth, freedom and success within themselves and their lives.
    I came to Rose as I was overcome with feelings of not being good enough and these were really holding me back in my business. Rose took the time to work through these with me in detail and I left every session with an actionable strategy on how it combat these feelings!

    After a few sessions my mindset has transformed and this has had an amazing positive impact on my business!"

    Nadia, UK.
    Life Success Coach & Founder of
    "I feel like I was confused and lacking in motivation before I started working with Rose. Since working with her I feel much more energised around my career and life in general.

    Rose was able to offer some really helpful advice that can come from having been there and done that.

    What was amazing about Rose was that she really went above and beyond expectations."

    Alex, UK.
    Founder of
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    I worked with Rose in the early stages of setting up my coaching business. As I had burned out in my previous teaching career, Rose's powerful questioning helped me identify areas where I was repeating old patterns.

    She supported me to work out and implement a plan that both helped build my business and ensured that I kept self-care top of mind. I would highly recommend Rose to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level in the easiest way possible."

    Susan, UK.
    Life Coach at

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