Yep, that was me too. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. The first thing we’ll do is get crystal clear on the foundations to your business: your niche, message, offer, audience and the exact problems you solve. So fear not, come with all your ideas and confusion and we’ll unpick that haystack to get you moving forwards immediately.

Not necessarily. If you have an idea that you want to get off the ground like yesterday, but have been sitting on it for too long and have the funds available to invest in private coaching, let’s talk.

I want to ensure you make the right decision for you, so to confirm this is the best possible fit, enrollment is via invitation only after a call with me. This is the best way to ensure you do not waste any time or money on a program that is not the right fit for you. If you are in any doubt after speaking with me it is probably best not to enrol. Because of this, there are no refunds offered.

How much do you want it to work? …then you have your answer.

As with all coaching, there is no guarantee of results. To help ensure you get where you want to be, we will take the time upfront to detail your goals and create a plan to get you there. Those who turn up and fully commit to the process, trust themselves and take responsibility for the outcome see the best results.

Great question! You can read more about my story HERE

But the upshot is – I have a unique blend of experience, qualifications and perspective that’s unavailable anywhere else. The most important thing is that you work with the coach that you connect with. If my story and expertise interests you, let’s jump on a call to test that connection! ; )

Yep, I wondered this too. But this question can't be answered in an FAQ ;) Drop me an email at info @ rosekirby.com and let's chat.