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    Rose Kirby - Global Wealth Coach to (extra)ordinary women, I help clients around the world create more wealth, freedom and success within themselves and their lives.
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    Ready to smash through your income ceiling & make more money doing what you love?  

    I’m here to help you create that …and so much more.

    Because you weren’t born to be mediocre. Huge success, wealth and personal freedom is meant for you, too.

    I know you have a big vision for your life and business. You’re here to make an impact, in your own unique way.

    You’ve made some pretty cool things happen in your life already. So you know you’re a good manifestor and creator. 

    But right now you find yourself stuck, full of self doubt and wondering why mediocrity is following you around.

    The truth is your attitude towards money and your beliefs about what’s possible for you will determine the success of your business.

    It will predict with astonishing accuracy whether you get to do your life’s work in a huge, meaningful and impactful way...

    …or whether you stay stuck, helping small numbers of people and not fully living your potential.

    And if you’re anything like me, as a high achiever you don’t want anything holding you back - especially not something you have control over!

    Which is why I’m here to help you identify and shift your money blocks and re-wire yourself for bigger success.

    Hey, I'm Rose

    Global Wealth Coach to (extra)ordinary women business owners, speaker, member of the Forbes Coaches Council and former McKinsey consultant.

    I help clients around the world create more wealth, freedom and success within themselves and their lives by helping them clear money blocks, bust through income plateaus and re-wire themselves for wealth from the inside out.

    Together, we condense the timeline to creating real wealth - both physically and mentally.
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    Client Success

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    I came to Rose as I was overcome with feelings of not being good enough and these were really holding me back in my business. Rose took the time to work through these with me and I left every session with an actionable strategy to move my business forwards. After a few sessions, there's been an amazing positive impact on my business!"

    Nadia, UK.
    Life Success Coach & Founder of
    "My time with Rose was transformative. She helped me to crack a problem I've been having for years. Seriously. Mind blown!

    Thank you for your time and wisdom."

    Bonny, USA.
    Mentor at

    Women Wired for Wealth - where ambitious women business owners go to thrive financially

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