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I help female business owners unlock their full earning potential by equipping them with the mindset and strategies they need to create more wealth and freedom



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As a Global Wealth Coach and Business Strategist, former McKinsey consultant, and Tedx speaker, I’m committed to helping you unleash your financial potential.


Through my private coaching, 100K Launchpad program, speaking and online community, I help clients create the mindset and strategy they need to live with more wealth, personal freedom and limitless success in their life and business.

“It’s never been about the money, it’s always been about the person you become in the process”

- Rose Kirby

My mission is to help 100,000 women unlock their earning potential through business strategy and Inner Wealth Work® by the year 2025

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Before working with Rose, I was pricing based on what I thought other people would be happy with, not what I was happy with.

Since working with her, my prices have tripled and I now attract the right clients for me.

Jess, UK

Intimacy & Business Coach

My time with Rose was transformative. She helped me crack a problem I've been having for years. Seriously. 

Mind blown! Thank you for your time and wisdom.

Bonnie, USA


I felt confused and lacking motivation before I started working with Rose, and she was able to offer some really helpful advice that came from having been there and done that. What was amazing about Rose was that she really went above and beyond expectations.

Alex, UK

Founder of AllergyOut.com

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