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    Rose Kirby - Global Wealth Coach to (extra)ordinary women, I help clients around the world create more wealth, freedom and success within themselves and their lives.

    My story

    In my first year of business I over-invested far too much and was lucky to break even by the end of the year. I had an underlying belief that to succeed I had to invest (in branding, courses, mentoring, events, etc).

    It wasn’t until the end of the year that I realised I’d been ignoring the side of my business that was actually going to make it work: the income side!

    But asking for and receiving money felt too icky to deal with. Like many female business owners, I had boulders of limiting beliefs standing in my way:

    What if clients think I’m too expensive and walk away?

    Who am I to charge that much?

    I hate asking people for money and taking it off them

    It’s greedy to have lots of money when others don’t

    I must work really hard for my money otherwise it doesn’t count

    Sound familiar?

    I have to admit - I believed money mindset was a load of woo-woo mumbo jumbo.

    I just needed strategy, social media, branding, Facebook Ads, funnels…

    …at least, that was my thinking.

    But I soon learnt that you can have all the strategy in the world (and I did), but without self belief, a love for selling yourself and unshakeable confidence, the strategies are effectively useless.

    Vision boards and affirmations are great, but I soon discovered they’re like putting glitter on a turd 💩

    My brain was calling “B.S!” every time I affirmed “I am living in abundance. I love asking for money and money loves me.”

    Ever felt the same resistance?


    This is a sign that there’s an elephant in the room: Your Mindset. Your beliefs. Your fears.

    In other words, your subconscious isn’t on board with your conscious goals. And given 90% of our brain is subconscious, our conscious thoughts haven’t got a chance!

    I knew I needed to get a handle on this “money mindset” stuff.

    But, as a former McKinsey consultant and business strategy nerd, I needed the mindset work to be tangible, actionable and proven.

    The one thing I’ve realised is that everyone has money blocks, even if they think they don’t.

    And as a high achiever, I didn’t want a single thing in my way - especially a thing I had full control over, my own brain!

    So I dove deep into my beliefs and fears around money and receiving. 

    I invested in mentors, books, trainings, and I experimented on myself.

    …It turns outs the real money mindset work isn’t woo woo at all.

    The month I worked on my money blocks, the cash that came into my life doubled. 

    And I’m only just getting started 🎢

    Rose Kirby

    I believe the more we talk about money, the more we empower ourselves to make powerful decisions about it - for the good of ourselves and everyone around us.

    We’re often conditioned in a way that makes financially thriving as a female service-based business owner an uphill struggle.

    Who knew it would feel so weird to ask for and receive money for our services?

    Who knew that our worthiness, confidence and relationship with money would have such a big impact on our business success?

    I certainly didn’t!

    A strong wealth mindset and a roadmap to both inner and outer success is exactly what my clients get in my Wealthy Woman Accelerator.

    Money is powerful energy and I believe more money in the hands of happy, empowered women is deeply transformational for the World.

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    I’m on a mission to put more money in the hands of happy, ambitious entrepreneurial woman.

    Are you one of those women?


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