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    Rose Kirby - Global Wealth Coach to (extra)ordinary women, I help clients around the world create more wealth, freedom and success within themselves and their lives.

    Wealthy Woman. Noun.:
    A woman who knows her intrinsic value, who lives with abundant freedom & love, and attracts & stewards money for the good of herself and others

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    My story

    In my first year of business I over-invested far too much and was lucky to break even by the end of the year. I had an underlying belief that to succeed I had to invest (in branding, courses, mentoring, events, etc).

    It wasn’t until the end of the year that I realised I’d been ignoring the side of my business that was actually going to make it work: the earning side!

    But asking for and receiving money felt too icky to deal with. Like many female business owners, I had boulders of limiting beliefs standing in my way:

    What if clients think I’m too expensive and walk away?

    Who am I to charge that much?

    I hate asking people for money and taking it off them

    It’s greedy to have lots of money when others don’t

    I must work really hard for my money otherwise it doesn’t count

    Sound familiar?

    Money challenges aren’t unique to female business owners.

    It’s common to be in immense debt despite earning a 6-figure salary in the City. Society assumes income correlates with money management skills, but nobody ever taught us personal finance at school!

    Being in credit card debt can happen really quickly, especially when we play as hard as we work.

    Some of us also end up believing we’re “not good with money”, that we’ll deal with it once we’re earning more (that was me!), or that it’s for the men to manage.

    This is a sign that there’s an elephant in the room: Our Mindset. Our beliefs. Our fears. The story you tell yourself about money.


    But as a former McKinsey strategy consultant and business strategy nerd, I don’t want to just solve the mindset challenges women face.

    I wanted to know how to make the money we earn work as hard as possible, so working could become a choice ….and so we don’t have to work until we’re 70…80…heck, 100!

    So I dove into the world of personal finance and made it my mission to work out exactly how to create financial freedom as quickly as possible. I learnt how to maximise every penny that came to me.

    But I hate baked beans and I love coconut lattes, so I promised myself I wouldn’t decrease my daily feeling of wealth and become miserable in the process.

    There is a balance and I wanted to strike it.

    Rose Kirby

    I believe the more we talk about money, the more we empower ourselves to make powerful decisions about it - for the good of ourselves and everyone around us.

    Money is like sex. It’s taboo. You’re supposed to know what you’re doing and be all great at it, but nobody teaches you anything about it, and you’re never supposed to talk about it because it’s inappropriate, dirty and not so classy. 

    I create safe spaces for women to talk about money in my community, Women Wired for Wealth. And this empowers them to make powerful decisions for themselves. It’s awesome. 

    A wealth mindset, a wealth strategy and a roadmap to financial freedom is exactly what my clients create in my Wealthy Woman Accelerator.

    I offer my clients an entirely unique combination of transformative mindset work and practical money strategy to create more wealth, freedom and success within themselves and their lives.

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    I believe the pursuit of wealth and financial freedom is holistic - it involves both the physical money and your emotions, beliefs & habits.

    I’ve yet to find a money mindset or personal finance book that focuses on both. Please email me if you find one! Or if you’re a book publisher, you know where to find me.

    Money is powerful energy and I believe more money in the hands of happy, empowered women is deeply transformational for the World.

    I’m building a happier and financially empowered World.

    Want to be part of it? 


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