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    Rose Kirby - Global Wealth Coach to (extra)ordinary women, I help clients around the world create more wealth, freedom and success within themselves and their lives.

    welcome to

    The Wealthy Woman Accelerator


    An entirely unique 1:1 experience for ambitious women ready to create abundant wealth, freedom and joy


    There’s a whole lotta money and life advice out there. But I like to keep things simple.

    I teach clients to leverage the power of The Wealthy Woman Toolbox™, so you can…

    • Release money blocks* and create wealth from within first - the critical stuff they don’t teach in personal finance books! 

    • Maximise your money every month so you get to live your wealthy life now, whilst investing for the future - have your avocado and eat it!

    • Simplify the path to financial freedom with confidence and ease, so work becomes a choice and you feel secure about your financial future.

    • Release blocks to greater richness in all areas of your life - a truly wealthy woman is not just financially rich, she’s abundant in happiness, love and success, too.

    * A “money block” is anything that holds you back from making and holding on to the money you want, such as an underlying belief or fear about money.

    I work with female business owners, corporate women, and high net worth individuals. Money challenges are not unique to specific women.

    Whatever's going on in your money life right now, let's walk through it together.

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